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  • Alyssa Roberson

What is EDGE^CAM?

Automation of production processes allows for a high level of accuracy and precision that would otherwise be unattainable or tedious and time consuming to achieve. At EDGE, we have developed EDGE^CAM for the purpose of optimizing and automating downstream processes of precast production. EDGE^CAM allows users to take their Revit model and export assemblies to a file that is formatted to be compatible with much of the machinery used to automate precast production. The exported file contains information about finishes, cutouts, rebar, embed placement, and much more. EDGE currently supports export to Progress Group's PXML v1.3 file format and Unitechnik's UXML versions 5.2c, 6.0, and 7.0 file formats. These export files can then be used for purposes such as the following:

• Laser Projection

- Project elements cast on the bed

- Project elements on the top-as-cast face

• Water Soluble Bed Plotter

- Plot elements that are down-as-cast

- Eliminate the need for intensive detailing

• Automated Rebar Bending

- Eliminate manual bending of rebar

- Extract rebar bend information directly from the model (loadable rebar families are supported)

• Concrete Distribution

- Automate the pouring of concrete

- Estimate batch volumes perfectly

• Shuttering Robot

- Automate the placement of formwork

Assembly that was modeled in Revit and exported with EDGE^CAM.

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