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Making Revit work for the Precast Industry.
  • Intuitive Modeling Process
    • With the custom content provided with the EDGE package, modeling precast on the Revit platform is more intuitive than ever.
    • Features user-friendly tools such as a multi-void cutting tool and the ability to tie corbels and ledges to their host product.
  • User-Friendly Drawing Creation
    • Once the model is complete, creating erection drawings is a simple task.
    • Utilizes efficiency-enhancing tools that allow users to annotate drawings more quickly.

  • Accurate Material and Product Counts
    • EDGE is a great tool to be utilized by estimating departments. A typical model can be built in half the time a conventional take-off would require. Once this model is built, all of the required information to put together a meaningful take-off is readily available.
    • Provides users the ability to track all elements in the model to put production embed counts, loose material counts, and field cast counts at your fingertips.
  • Direct Implementation into Common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
    • All of the counts mentioned before can seamlessly be imported into many common ERP systems through compatible file formats.
  • Simplified Change Management
    • Because drawings are linked to the model, all dimensional and geometric changes made in the model are automatically corrected on erection drawings.
    • Changes are also auto-populated onto all effected shop tickets.
  • Utilizing the Full Intention of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    • EDGE’s Autodesk platform makes collaboration with architects and engineers second nature.
    • Imagine receiving a Revit model from an architect and being able to immediately utilize this model to create a precast model. EDGE makes this possible.
  • Seamless Creation of Shop Ticketing
    • Users can efficiently create precast shop tickets that maintain all of the available intelligence that Revit provides.
    • EDGE provides an accurate bill of materials for individual shop tickets.
  • Complete Tracking of Precast Elements
    • EDGE tracks each precast element in the model throughout the vital stages of its life cycle. Users can quickly and accurately determine the number of marks and pieces in a model, quantify elements with added reinforcement, and track the creation and issuance of shop tickets.

“Implementing Building Information Modeling for precast concrete systems, particularly architectural precast, is a challenging task. Even more challenging is doing it in a way that provides an efficient workflow for precast designers. Edge^R dramatically improves the process of modeling an entire precast project from concept to final production piece drawings. BIM for precast doesn’t seem like such a tall mountain to climb anymore.”

Jason Davis, PE, Engineering Manager

Gate Precast

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