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  • Alyssa Roberson

Redefine Revit's Precast Concrete Workflow with EDGE^R

Over the last year, we have made some exciting additions and enhancements to the EDGE^R suite of tools. Some of these tools were geared toward automating the shop ticket and erection drawing creation process, while others were implemented to ensure an accurate and quality Revit model.

Auto Ticket Generation

Based on a user defined ticket template, the Auto Ticket Generation tool will generate a shop ticket for all the selected assemblies at once. The generated shop ticket will include all relevant assembly views. Within these views, all potentially necessary dimensions and tags for each material type element will automatically be added. The shop ticket will also include the bill of materials, standard details, and a populated title block.


Erection Drawing Auto Dimension

Rapidly add dimensions to your plan, elevation, detail, and/or section views in Revit using this tool. Based on user defined elements in the model, dimension strings will automatically be added for the selected elements. The user may define multiple dimension directions at once for a set of elements if desired.


EDGE^R Browser

The EDGE^R Browser is a dockable pane in Revit, much like the Project Browser or Properties palette. It contains training content, such as help manuals and videos, for EDGE^R tools and families. It also allows you to load the latest EDGE^R families into your current project.


Match Top as Cast

For each assembly, the assembly origin's position and location is very important for the shop ticketing process and also for copying reinforcing from one piece to another. Traditionally, the EDGE^R Top as Cast tool would have been run on each assembly to reorient and reposition its assembly origin to be correct. The Match Top as Cast tool allows you to quickly copy the assembly origin's position and orientation from one assembly to other assemblies in the model.


Mark Verification Existing Enhancement

Mark Verification Existing allows the user to easily identify if all precast members, with the same control mark, are identical by performing multiple comparisons between the members within the mark grouping. This enhancement will give a comprehensive list of all failed comparisons for a given mark, and it will also report the specific conditions that caused the failures to occur. For instance, if the precast pieces had the same cutout placed in slightly different locations then it would report the geometric discrepancy that caused the failure.


Assembly Creation Enhancement

This enhancement to the EDGE^R Assembly Creation tools gives the user the option to analyze an assembly for intersections between material type elements, such as embeds and reinforcing, within the assembly. If the user chooses to check for intersecting elements within the assembly and clashing elements are found in the analysis, then the offending elements will be highlighted in the model and listed for the user.


Ticket Manager Enhancement

Users now have the option to add up to 4 custom columns to the Ticket Manager. These custom columns can be configured to report parameter values on structural framing elements and/or assemblies in the model. Two more default parameters have been added to the Ticket Manager to allow users to add custom comments or place a mark on hold.

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