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EDGE^ User Conference / Autodesk University 2019

EDGE^ User Conference

The Sunday before Autodesk University we hosted a 5 hour long EDGE^ User Conference which consisted of 4 classes and a Q & A session to finish it off.

The first class was “EDGE^R Best Practices”, taught by Alyssa Roberson (Director of Go-To-Market Strategy), which took a deep dive into EDGE^R. She taught on when to run certain EDGE^R tools to produce optimal results, how certain EDGE^R tools interact with others and why it’s important, EDGE^R parameters, auto warping, and much more.

The second class was “A Deep Dive into EDGE^R Shop Tickets”, taught by Shannon Cooper (Revit Manager). The purpose of this class wasn’t to show how to clean up a shop ticket, it was more about how to efficiently and effectively use EDGE^R to create a quality shop ticket. As we all know, quality is job #1 but we all know that quantity is important as well.

The third class was “A Look into EDGE^CLOUD, EDGE^ERP, and EDGE^CAM”, taught by Doug Turk (Software Engineering Manager). This session covered several of the EDGE^ platform features and how they can be used to augment and connect the precast process through several avenues.

Finally, Jordan Watkins (Vice President) finished it all up by announcing some exciting future tools and enhancements in the “EDGE^ Futures Briefing”. Jordan presented on several new tools (and/or enhancements to current tools) that will be released at the beginning of 2020 and what is on the road map for EDGE^.

We packed as much valuable information into those 5 hours as we could! Several of the attendees came up to our booth at Autodesk University later in the week to express how much they learned and how much they are looking forward to next year.

Autodesk University

The Autodesk University Conference was also a success for the EDGE^ team. Approximately 12,000 people from across the world come to this event each year so we were able to connect with others in the industry and also with Autodesk staff. EDGE^ had a booth set up in the Expo which turned out to be a great networking opportunity. Autodesk University also offers hundreds of classes taught by highly experienced Autodesk employees and product users so we took advantage and attended as many as we could. We took away a lot of valuable information that we will apply to our future development. We also learned about the future road map for Revit, Forge, and other useful technologies. This is the first Autodesk University that we didn’t teach an EDGE^ class during the conference but it was really interesting to hear that other EDGE^ users are now teaching classes using our add-in. But don't worry, it wasn't all work and no play. Autodesk brought in therapy dogs throughout the week which brought a smile to everyone's face!

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