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Auto Ticket Generation: Shop Tickets Redefined

Are you looking to improve your detailing process for shop tickets? Our newest tool Auto Ticket Generation can make that a reality. In today's entry we will discuss the added benefits and features that Auto Ticket Generation provides. Features such as auto dimension, call-out placements, annotation and view copying and much more. Why risk making shop ticket errors when you don’t have to? Allow Auto Ticket Generation to do the heavy lifting for you. See the example below for a shop ticket generated by the Auto Ticket Generation tool.



The level of detail for custom ticket templates is critical in maximizing shop ticket efficiency. Auto Ticket Generation builds on that efficiency by cutting down the hours spent detailing a shop ticket. The Auto Ticket Generation tool utilizes custom ticket templates created by the EDGE user. These custom templates contain views, view locations, view templates, schedule locations, and many more ticket attributes. For example, you could set up a template to have your bill of materials listed in the same place and same order for every sheet generated by the Auto Ticket tool. You could also have strand pattern views setup to populate only on certain unique pieces. Including these template attributes are crucial to reduce redundancy when detailing shop tickets. Not only can Auto Ticket Generation utilize user generated ticket templates, it can implement multiple at one time. No longer will you have to generate three individual sheets with three different templates for one intricate piece. You can select as many templates as you desire, and Auto Ticket Generation will create a sheet per template in the order they were selected in. This added benefit cuts out the time wasted populating multiple sheets separately. The picture seen below is the Auto Ticket Generation selection screen where the templates, scale, title block, and copy elements are selected.



One of the many features of Auto Ticket Generation is auto dimension. Auto Ticket Generation will automatically dimension elements such as embeds, re-bar, block outs, and more on your shop ticket. In addition, the Auto Ticket Generation tool will display the overall dimension for the length and width of your piece. Any block outs or contour dimension strings are placed closest to the piece. The Auto Ticket Generation tool was developed with the PTAC families in mind. We recommend using the PTAC families for dimension strings, text boxes, and call-outs. Although, if you prefer your custom families then no need to worry because Auto Ticket Generation will apply your last used family. Do you ever have the issue with too many dimensions packed into one string? Auto Ticket Generation will consolidate these tightly packed dimensions into equality formulas so that you don’t have to. Of course, these are still editable in case you need to clarify further. To see an example of an equality formula in a dimension string see the picture below.



Help eliminate mistakes on your shop tickets by letting Auto Ticket Generation quantify your materials! Have you ever had bars incorrectly labeled? Was an embed marked on the top face but was really located on the bottom face? For each dimension string, the quantity, name, and location in form of what you dimension is automatically displayed to the side. Auto Ticket Generation will pull the quantity, name, and location in form parameters from the custom components you create and display them next to their dimension strings. Keep your detailing on shop tickets consistent with Auto Ticket Generation!



Creating call-outs for your shop tickets is one of the most time-consuming efforts in creating a highly detailed shop ticket. Fortunately, Auto Ticket Generation does it for you! Each type of material in your assembly will get tagged with a call-out and placed near the piece. Like the dimension strings, the call-out formats are optimized for PTAC families. However, if you choose not to use the PTAC families then Auto Ticket Generation will revert the call-outs by default to your last used family. You no longer will have to check each embed, re-bar, and lifter to see if you named it correctly because it is already done for you.



In addition to the many features listed above, we have included a copy function to transfer annotations and views from other sheets to the one you create. Simply select a sheet you already detailed from the Copy Sheet Elements drop-down seen below and that’s it! All the custom annotations and legends you created on the previous sheet will be placed in the same location on the sheet you are generating. Reusing your custom annotations and legends will help reduce time spent detailing shop tickets.



When optimized, Auto Ticket Generation can make detailing shop tickets a breeze. Reduce your shop ticket errors by letting our tool generate the call-outs and quantities for you. Eliminate redundancy with implementing your custom view templates. Auto Ticket Generation is the tool you can use to redefine the way you create shop tickets!

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