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  • ​Intuitive Modeling Process

  • User Friendly Drawing Creation

  • Accurate Bill of Materials

  • Implementation into ERP systems

  • Simplified Change Management

  • Utilizing Real World BIM

  • Shop Ticket Creation

  • Precast Element Tracking



At EDGE^R, we hold training of our clients to the highest esteem. We believe without proper training, even the greatest software can become useless. Because of this, we have implemented a very in-depth training program to guarantee the success of our clients.






EDGE^R is the software solution that the precast concrete industry has been in search of for quite some time. Utilizing the world’s most preeminent graphics software, Revit, EDGE can be implemented for more seamless collaboration across multiple disciplines. More than just design, EDGE provides many benefits to the estimation, production, and erection phases of the precast life cycle.



At EDGE^R, our goal is to provide the precast industry with a cost effective, efficient modeling software.


On top of our world class modeling package, at EDGE, we pride ourselves on the great customer service that we provide to our clients.

Combined with our training program, we have developed the package that the precast industry has been searching for.


"Implementing Building Information Modeling for precast concrete systems, particularly architectural precast, is a challenging task. Even more challenging is doing it in a way that provides an efficient workflow for precast designers. Edge^R dramatically improves the process of modeling an entire precast project from concept to final production piece drawings. BIM for precast doesn’t seem like such a tall mountain to climb anymore."

- Jason Davis, PE, Engineering Manager

Gate Precast

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