• GSA Parking Garage
  • City of Clearwater Fire Station
  • GSA Annex Office Building
  • Hilton San Destin Parking Garage

  • FFF Pharmaceuticals Warehouse

  • Gunbarrel Suites Office Complex

  • Simmons Park Parking Garage

  • Georgia Proton Research Facility

  • Gunther Kia Dealership

  • Solis Dilworth Parking Garage

  • Crosstown Center Parking Garage

  • Mercer Lofts at College Hill Parking Garage

  • Sunforest Parking Garage

  • North Augusta Parking Garage

  • Perawang Tissue Machine Building

  • Georgia State University Residence Hall

  • Dealertrack Parking Garage

  • City of Brookings Street Maintenance Facility Center

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