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At EDGE^R, we hold training of our clients to the highest esteem. We believe without proper training, even the greatest software can become useless. Because of this, we have implemented a very in-depth training program to guarantee the success of our clients. Our training package includes:


  • Five day on-site training program for up to five users at a time in our training facility.

o    Each user is provided with the necessary computer and software while training at our facility.

o    During this time, users will be trained by personnel that use the software day in and day out, not by software personnel that only use it in an ideal setting.

  • Five day implementation of the software at the client’s location.

o    During this implementation, an expert will visit the client’s site and aid in any and all implementation of the software. Often, this means helping the client to get the first project up and running.

  • Additional training can be provided at the client’s request.

  • If required, the EDGE team will provide general Revit training as well for users that have no current exposure to the software.

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