• Alyssa Roberson

What's New in EDGE Version 7.0.0

Auto Ticket Generation

Auto Ticket Generation will populate a detailed shop ticket based on the assemblies in your Revit model. It utilizes the same ticket templates that you may already have created for use with the EDGE^R Ticket Populator tool. The shop tickets created by Auto Ticket Generation will include a complete bill of materials, ticket details, a populated title block, assembly views, and best of all the assembly views will be completely dimensioned and will also include callouts! This tool will also let you batch populate shop tickets for all selected assemblies. And it also gives you the option to copy legends, symbols, and annotations from already created shop tickets in the model. Below is an example of a shop ticket and a close up of an assembly view created using the Auto Ticket Generation tool.

Batch Ticket Populator

Batch Ticket Populator allows users to create shop tickets for multiple assemblies at once. With the traditional EDGE^R Ticket Populator tool, you can only create shop tickets for one assembly at a time, and you are also limited to creating one sheet for said assembly at a time. The EDGE^R Batch Ticket Populator not only allows you to process multiple assemblies at once, but you can also generate multiple sheets for those assemblies by choosing multiple ticket templates.

EDGE^R Training and Content Browser

The EDGE^R Browser is a dockable pane in Revit much like the Properties menu or the Project Browser. It gives users the ability access EDGE^R family and training content without ever having to leave Revit! From the EDGE^R Browser, current EDGE families can be loaded directly into your project or can be downloaded for future use. It also contains training videos and manuals which can be viewed directly within the browser!

Match Top as Cast

This tool copies the assembly origin from an existing assembly that has had the EDGE^R Top as Cast tool run on it, and pastes that origin to other selected assemblies. The orientation and location of the assembly origin is important for EDGE^R tools such as Copy Reinforcing and also for assembly view creation. The EDGE^R Top as Cast tool requires a few inputs from the user to correctly reorient and re-position the assembly origin appropriately. The new Match Top as Cast tool will allow users to quickly copy the assembly origin's position and orientation from an assembly that has already been processed by the Top as Cast tool over to similar assemblies in their model.

Ticket Manager Customization

The Ticket manager is a comprehensive list of where every piece in the model is in the project life cycle. Users now have the ability to define up to four parameters to display within the EDGE^R Ticket Manager. Included parameters will be modifiable directly within the Ticket Manager window. Two new default parameters, On Hold and Identity Comment, were also added. These can also be modified directly within the Ticket Manager which will update the parameter values on the corresponding assemblies and/or structural framing elements.

New Reference Point Enhancement

Users now have more control over the offset values applied to to the movement of an element(s). Now, leaving the offset for X, Y, or Z blank/empty will result in no movements in those directions. An offset value of zero for Z will move the element to the user’s set work plane.

EDGE^ERP Export Enhancement

All three export tools have been updated to include an additional workflow. Previously users could run these exports on the whole model, the active view, or for selected elements/structural framing elements. This new workflow allows users to run ERP exports on selected assemblies in the model.


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